GI Director General Meets with Representatives of Die Linke

On January 13 GI's Israel Director General Gadi Baltianksy met with a Member of the German Parliament, as well as representatives of the Die Linke party and of the German embassy.

Participants in the meeting included Wolfgang Gehrcke, Member of the German Parliament and his party's spokesperson for foreign affairs; Harri Grunberg, his research assistant; Ari Greenberg, Die Linke's adviser for Middle East Affairs; and Reiner Bernstein, also of Die Linke. Ingo Niemann, Second Secretary for Political Affairs and Protocol at the German embassy, attended the event.

During the session, GI's Israel Director General Gadi Baltiansky offered an update on the current political situation and took questions on the negotiations process and the Geneva Initiative model.   Participants were given copies of the annexes to the Geneva Accords and the results of the most recent public opinion poll commissioned by GI.