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GI Director of Foreign Relations met with Catholic Relief Services

On July 12, GI Director of Foreign Relations Michal Radoshitsky met with representatives from Catholic Relief Services.


The Geneva Initiative's Director of Foreign Relations Michal Radoshitsky addressed a group of ten representatives from Catholic Relief Services at our Tel Aviv office. The event was part of a larger tour throughout the region during which they were scheduled to meet with both Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian organizations. The group is beginning a new project on engaging students from Catholic high schools in peacebuilding efforts. Michal gave the members of CRS an overview of the Geneva Initiative and the peace process so that they can proceed to teach their students and members of their communities, and told them how they could play a role in promoting Israeli/Palestinian peace. She additionally spoke with the group about the current political climate and potential for successful negotiations. She stated that with American involvement all of the elements necessary for a settlement are present and if there is serious leadership committed to negotiation, an agreement is attainable. The meeting ended with an open discussion of the views of the members of CRS of the situation after having traveled within Israel and the West Bank territories.


GI Director of Foreign Relations Michal Radoshitsky


Representatives from Catholic Relief Services