GI encourages Palestinian women in Ramallah to play larger role in decision-making processes

On December 9-10, the Geneva Initiative (PPC) held a two-day training course for 26 politically active women in Ramallah in order to strengthen them in their work, educate them and encourage them to assume central roles in decision-making processes.


As part of the two-day seminar the women met Palestinian Minister of Labor, Dr. Majdalani who spoke about the asymmetry in opportunities for men and women in many fields and about the unemployment problem – including his views on what needs to be done to improve unemployment rates. The economic situation and statistics were linked to the state of conflict and to the fruits of an final-status peace agreement to end the conflict.

The women also met with PLC Member, Dr. Najat Abu Baker who spoke to them about the skills and knowledge needed for women in order to help them take an active role in the political arena.

Seminar participants with Palestinian Minister of Labor, Dr. Majdalani