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GI engages Kadima activists in tour to the security barrier

On Friday, November 11, the Geneva Initiative held a tour to areas of the security barrier for 50 Kadima activists from Yavneh.


The tour was guided by GI Signatory Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli, and stopped off at a number of different viewpoints around the Jerusalem Envelope.

The day was reported on in Kadima's official website in which Kadima member and activist, Dr. Weitzman commented that, "when you see the mix of Arab villages and Jewish settlements with your own eyes you realize how correct and just the two-state solution is. From the different viewpoints provided in the tour you realize the extent to which any agreement reached will have to respect the security and economic needs of both sides".

Dr. Weitzman's full report in Hebrew can be accessed on the Kadima website by clicking here.