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GI held a gathering at the city of Modi'in

Date: 30.3.2009


On March 30th, GI held a local leadership assembly at the city of Modi'in. The gathering was attended by Mr. Haim Bibas, Mayor of Modi'in.

The Gathering included lectures by Former PA Minister Sufyan Abu Zaida, Former Adviser to PM Sharon Adv. Dov Weisglass and MK Haim Oron (Meretz). The speakers discussed the issue of the two-state solution Vs. a one-state solution.

Adv. Dov Weisglass, who is a candidate for the position of FM Liebermans special diplomatic envoy, said that the new government that will be sworn in today will be committed to the peace process and to the two-state solution. He also said that the Arab Peace Initiative is important and that it failed to receive Israels public attention because it was presented at a time in which Israel has suffered many casualties from Palestinian terror attacks.

Dr. Sufyan Abu Zaida said that the Palestinians used to be the Nay Sayers to any peace initiative. However the tables have turned and since 2002 Israel is the one who rejects any attempt by the Arab world to end the conflict.

MK Haim Oron said that the solution to the conflict is clear to the majority of Israelis and Palestinians and, when it is finally reached, it will be similar to the Geneva Accord.

This gathering is part of an on going project in which GI visits different towns, cities and regional councils around Israel to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with local opinion sharpers and leaders.