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GI holds joint seminar in Jordan

25-27/07/2008: GI holds joint Israeli-Palestinian young leadership seminar in Jordan
Date: 25.07.08

On the weekend of July 25th-27th, Geneva Initiative held a 3-day young leadership seminar on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea for some 40 Israelis and Palestinians.

The seminar, organized by the Palestinian Peace Coalition and funded by the European Union, consisted of workshops, discussions, and a negotiations simulation, in which participants from each side discussed the core issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the other side's perspective.

Among the Palestinian participants were representatives of government offices and NGOs, teachers, young professionals, and activists. Among the Israeli participants were representatives of the young guards of the Kadima, Labor and Meretz parties, representatives of peace organizations, journalists, and activists.

In concluding the seminar, many participants said they were happy to have had the opportunity to understand the other side better and voiced their hope that the real leaders would be as successful in reaching an agreement as the participants were during the simulation. They also said they were eager to meet with each other again and expressed their wish to participate in similar activities in the future.