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GI hosts seminar for prominent students from the Russian-speaking community

15-16/11/2007: GI hosts seminar for prominent students from the Russian-speaking community
Date: 15.11.07


On November 15th-16th, Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar in Kibbutz Shefaim for some 40 prominent students from Israel's Russian-speaking community on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Participants were young immigrants from the Former Soviet Union who are active in the Labor Party Youth Forum.

The seminar centered on the prospects of arriving at a permanent status agreement to end to conflict, and included lectures, discussions, and social activities.

Following the seminar, many of the students expressed an interest in being involved in future GI activities.

The seminar schedule was as follows:

Thursday 15/11/2007
13:00 Arrival at the hotel, sign-up, and room assignment
15:30 Reception with coffee and cake
16:00 Preliminary workshop with Raya Hameir
16:30 Lecture: Dr. Yuval Benziman on the Geneva Initiative
17:45 Lecture: Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli, former military commander of Gaza and the head of the peace administration under Ehud Barak's government.
Subject: Central Issues in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
19:00 Dinner
22:00 Social activity

Friday 16/11/2007

08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Lecture: Elias Zananiri, Media consultant for the Palestinian Peace Coalition - Subject: The Geneva Initiative from a Palestinian perspective
10:30 Lecture: MK Ephriam Sneh, former deputy defense minister - Subject: Where is the peace process headed?11:45 Coffee and cake break
12:00 David Idelman holds workshop in groups: Conflict solving, mediation and negotiations.
13:30 Lunch break
14:00 Feedback session with Raya Hameir
15:00 Expected departure

This activity was made possible by the Spanish Cooperation Office (AECID)