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GI Israel launches mass media campaign

During February the Geneva Initiative launched a mass media campaign in Israel's national dailies: Ha'aretz, Yisrael Hayom, Yediot Ahronot and Ma'ariv


The campaign comprises of a number of different versions of visuals with accompanying messages relating to the recent buzz about the danger of Israel’s transformation into a bilateral or apartheid state. The campaign centers on a series of images dramatizing the consequences attending Israel if it failed to reach a peace agreement with its neighbors and below each visual is the alternative: a division of the land along the parameters of the Geneva Accord (1967 borders with land swaps, division of East Jerusalem, security arrangements, a comprehensive solution to the refugee problem, etc.)

Different versions of our mass media campaign playing on symbols and phrases well known to the Israeli public and carrying the message that for Israel to remain a Jewish and democratic state a Geneva Initiative style agreement must be concluded