Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


GI Israel Position Paper: The Day After the Netanyahu-Obama Meeting


The differences between the new American administration and the rightist Israeli government are likely to bring about a diplomatic freeze precisely when Israel needs effective American action more than ever.

So as not to encounter additional years of political stagnation, after which Israel will become a country whose Jewish minority controls a Palestinian majority, while surrounded by hostile Arab states, Israel and the U.S. – individually and together – must create fundamental diplomatic changes:

  1. Israeli recognition of the Arab Peace Initiative as a foundation for negotiations
  2. A new American/international peace initiative based on the Arab Peace Initiative
  3. Involving additional countries in negotiations, alongside the U.S.
  4. Altering several fundamental Israel positions that essentially conflict with the country's interests
  5. Creating a number of parallel “road maps” that simultaneously obligate all regional and international actors
  6. Reaching a regional agreement that dismantles the “Arab world-Israel” dichotomy, replacing it with one of “moderate world-extremist world”

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