GI Meeting for Israeli Mayors Hosted by City of Akko

On June 17 and 18, the Geneva Initiative continued its intensive work with Israeli mayors with a meeting hosted by the Mayor of Akko.

Following the success of previous meetings of Israeli mayors and our joint seminar for Israeli and Palestinian mayors a few months ago, a second cycle of mayors took part this weekend in a seminar of the Geneva Initiative.

Dozens of mayors from around the country, from Yeruham to Megiddo, participateed in the two-day seminar, during which they met with senior Israeli and Palestinian members of the Geneva Initiative to learn about the solutions offered by the Geneva model to end the conflict.

Labor party candidate Amram Mitzna said, referring to the Geneva Accord, that the text of an agreement already exists but Israel is still in dialogue with itself.  Click here for news coverage of the remarks (in Hebrew).

Amram Mitzna with mayors at Geneva Initiative conference

The program was as follows:


Israel and the Palestinians: Opportunities and Risks
Mayors Seminar

Guided Tour on "Akko as a model for coexistence of Jews and Arabs: Past, Present and Future."

Akko Mayor Mr. Shimon Lankri

Mr. Gadi Baltiansky, Director General of H.L. Education for Peace (the Geneva Initiative), which promotes a final status agreement based on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Former media adviser to Prime Minister Barak.

Gen. (Res.) Amram Mitzna, leading member of the Geneva Initiative, on "possible solutions to the conflict"

Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli, former commander of northern division and head of the Gaza Strip during the interim agreements, on "key issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (including the right to self-determination, two states for two peoples, Jewish state, Jerusalem and others).

A panel of mayors who participated in our previous Israeli-Palestinian joint seminar in Milan, Italy on impressions and lessons learned.

Dr. Sufian Abu Zaida, senior member of Fatah, former PA Minister for Prisoner Affairs, and current member of the Palestinian negotiating team, on "The Palestinian position regarding negotiations with Israel."

Dr. Yossi Beilin, chairman of the steering committee of the Geneva Initiative and former Minister of Justice on "Core issues: refugees and recognition of Israel as a Jewish."

Panel with MKs from the left and right

Concluding discussion with Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli, on "The political process: where it stands and where its going"