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GI participates in international conference in Norway

3-5/06/2008: GI representative participates in international youth conference on Middle Eastern-European cooperation in Norway
Date: 03.06.08

On Monday-Thursday, June 2nd-5th, Geneva Initiative representative Ruthie Pliskin attended the Wergeland Conference in Norway, along with some 50 other young participants from 17 countries.

The Norwegian Youth Council (LNU) hosted the international youth conference as part of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry’s Tolerance and Compassion project.

The 50 participants in the Wergeland Conference are between 18-25 years, and are recruited from a wide range of organizations and groups from all over the Middle East and Europe. The countries represented at the conference were Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Montenegro, Norway, Palestine, Qatar, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

The first part of the Wergeland Conference took place in Eidsvoll, about 50 km outside Oslo. There, participants heard lectures by the Norwegian foreign minister, renowned Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas, and other, listened to a panel on bridge-building through cultural programs, and took part in role-playing activities and workshops.

The final part of the conference was conducted in the Norwegian capital Oslo, where participants heard a lecture by Hadia Tajik, political advisor to the Norwegian prime minister. Also in Oslo, Pliskin presented the Geneva Accord and distributed other information on the Geneva Initiative as part of an organizations' fair.

The conference received much attention in the local media and was the subject of at least four major newspaper articles.