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GI Political Leadership Seminar at Tel Aviv University

"In Rabin's footsteps. The Geneva Accord"
Date: 27.10.08 - 18.01.09

On October 27th, dozens of Tel Aviv University students began a political leadership course, organized by the Geneva Initiative. The course's objective is to encourage potential young leaders to work to advance the political process and it will provide participants with knowledge of the Israeli Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflicts as well as leadership and social-political entrepreneurship studies.

The course's syllabus includes a series of lectures and tours on subjects such as various aspects of the political process and the Jerusalem envelope. Several lectures will be open to the public. Among the scheduled lecture:

  • Conducting Concurrent Negotiation Tracks - Dr. David Kimche, former Director General of the Foreign Ministry
  • History of the Political Process – Dr. Ron Pundak, Peres Center for Peace Director General
  • The Issue of Palestinian Refugees - Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Israela Oron
  • The Issue of Jerusalem in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations – Dr. Menachem Klein, Political Science Lecturer at Bar Ilan University
  • The Future of the Annapolis Process - Dr. Saeb Erekat, Head of the Palestinian Negotiation Affairs Department
  • The Palestinian Perspective on Negotiations – Sam'an Khoury, Co-Director of the Israeli-Palestinian NGO Forum