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GI-PPC Activity in Gaza for student leaders

On June 6, 2009 GI-PPC held a lecture for student leaders in Gaza entitled "The Palestinian Youth: Between the Reality of the Escalation of Division and the Dream of Unification.”


The lecture was given by Dr. Kamal Shirafi, advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas and Dr. Ahmad Yousuf, advisor to former Hamas PM, Ismail Haniyya.

Shirafi said that disagreement is a natural reality, but it should not lead to disunity in the nation. Shirafi explained that political pluralism, as it should be, doesn't exist in the Palestinian reality because political pluralism means democracy, free elections and respecting the opinion of others. He stressed the need to spread a culture of tolerance and respect to each other.

Ahmad Yousuf called on young people to unify for the sake of the democratic process in order to stop the radicalization of Palestinian society. He emphasized that the younger generation is embodied in student organizations.

The different representatives of the student organizations expressed their ideas regarding the current deadlock and the need to activate the young toward putting an end to the division.

The activity is a part of the "peace at home" project, conducted with the support of The Olof Palme Center.