GI Rallies for Peace and Democracy in Rabin's Memory

On Saturday, November 12, Geneva Initiative representatives participated in a rally in Tel Aviv commemorating 16 years since the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and celebrating Rabin's legacy. 
Geneva Initiative staff and volunteers joined thousands in the streets on a cool November evening in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to commemorate and celebrate the legacy of Prime Minister YItzhak Rabin, who was assasinated in this very location 16 years ago.
The rally comes at a time when the very institutions in Israeli society that work to carry on Rabin's legacy are being challenged. Demonstrators shouted against threats to Israeli democracy and rallied for an end to threatening and anti-democratic acts against the Israeli left, specifically referencing a vandalism 'price tag' event that took place at a Peace Now activist's apartment last week.
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