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GI representative briefs students from Holland

13/04/2008: GI representative briefs students from Holland as part of a two-week program in Israel
Date: 13.04.08

On Sunday, April 13th, Geneva Initiative Foreign Relations Executive Michal Radoshitzky spoke to a group fo 50 students from Holland about the Geneva Initiative.

The students, in Israel on a special two-week program, also met with representatives from the Knesset, other Israeli institutions, and various Israeli think tanks.

Ms. Radoshitzky provided the students with the Geneva Accord's background and principles and went on to discuss the current political situation. She presented GI's positions and work in the current political context and responded to questions as part of a Q&A session. The main concerns raised centered on the different solutions within the Geneva Accord and the ability to reach an agreement  by the end of 2008.