Brazilian President to GI representatives: continue your work

On Tuesday, March 16, Geneva Initiative Co-Architect, Dr. Yossi Beilin and GI Israel Director-General, Gadi Baltiansky met with President Lula de Silva



The President congratualted the Geneva Initaitive on the release of the detailed annexes and encouraged the organization to continue in its efforts to achieve peace. President Lula de Silva spoke about the importance of civil society efforts in proposing solutions to end the conflict and in enabling dialogue between constituencies on both the sides. The President described himself as an optimist, hence his belief that should the sides come to the negotiating table determined to find a solution - it will be reached. Finally, President Lula de Silva emphasized the importance he attributes in meeting not only official position-holders but also the real driving forces on the ground for peace.

Geneva Initiative Co-Architect Beilin and Israel Director-General Baltiansky briefed the President about the Geneva Initiative's ongoing work and provided him with a copy of our Annex Book.

The exchange of words between the President and GI's representatives was covered on Israel's popular news website "Walla!".