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GI Seminar for Spokespersons of Israeli Institutions, Unions and NGOs

8-9/03/2007: GI Seminar for Spokespersons of Israeli Institutions, Unions and NGOs.
Date: 08.03.07

Among spokespersons were representatives from an array of organizations such as Hadassah, the National Students' Union, the Begin Center, the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, Tel Aviv University Student Union, the Trade Union and municipalities.

The seminar kicked off with a tour to the Jerusalem Envelope guided by Colonel (Res.) Shaul Arieli. The participants recieved a first hand account of the path of the separation barrier with its implications for the population in the area, and were inroduced to the alternative route suggested by the Geneva Accord.

Later, the participants heard a series of lectures about the different aspects of the conflict:

Shaul Arieli gave a detailed lecture about the key issues regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since it began and until today.

MK Arie Eldad (Ihud Leumi-Mafdal) presented the viewpoint of the Israeli Political Right regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Elias Zananiri, former spokesman for Muhamad Dahlan, lectured about the conflict from the Palestinian viewpoint and shared his experience as a Palestinian spokesperson with the participants.

MK Ran Cohen (Meretz-Yachad) presented the viewpoint of the Israeli political left regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Yoram Binur, Channel 2 News Reporter on Palestinian Affairs, analyzed the Palestinian political arena and its impact on relations with Israel.

This activity was made possible by the Spanish Cooperation Office (AECID)