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GI sponsors conference on peace in Connecticut

28-29/03/2007: GI sponsors "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Pathways to Peace" conference in Connecticut
Date: 28.03.08

The conference "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Pathways to Peace," sponsored by the Geneva Initiative, was held on the campus of Central Connecticut State University on March 28th-29th and featured lead Geneva Initiative drafter Daniel Levy as a central speaker.

Other central speakers included Dr. Herbert Kelman, Professor of Psychology and Social Ethics at Harvard University, Ghaith al-Omari, Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation and former senior advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, former MK Dr. Naomi Chazan, and more.

The goal of the conference was to highlight the contribution that social scientific and humanistic research and scholarship can bring towards conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. Presentations and panels focused on research examining the factors fueling the longest conflict of modern times, and contributions with instrumental ideas to achieve a just and equitable solution to the conflict.

Presentations highlighted research regarding obstacles and opportunities to the achievement of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Topics included research in social and psychological factors in the conflict, historical, philosophical, and theological issues, economic factors and cooperation, demographic realities and solutions, geographic obstacles to peace, negotiations models, perceptions and strategies, and more.

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