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GI takes part in Israeli Peace NGO Forum statement on Gaza ceasefire

Date: 02.01.2009

Following is the full text of an ad published in Haaretz on Friday, January 2nd, by the Israeli Peace NGO Forum. Geneva Initiative was among the organizations behind the ad, which calls on Israel to implement a total unilateral ceasefire for a limited timeframe in order to create an opportunity for the renewal of the peace process in the spirit of the Arab Peace Initiative.

Israeli Peace NGO Forum statement

Enough Already!

Stop, Cease Fire and Reconsider!

  1. We call on Israel to implement a total unilateral ceasefire for a limited timeframe and to avoid an aggressive reaction to fire toward Israel, in order to allow international actors to promote a state of calm and facilitate the opening of passages for humanitarian aid;
  2. We demand an immediate end to the strikes on civilian centers and citizens, both Israeli and Palestinian;
  3. Out of this crisis, we must create an opportunity for the renewal of the peace process in the spirit of the Arab Peace Initiative, for the promotion of a long term solution.

Now, after Hamas has seen shown both Israel’s military might, as well as its willingness to show restraint, we must stop and hold our fire, before it’s too late. We have known enough cycles of violence to say in a decisive voice – enough! We will not allow the situation to deteriorate any further and leading to greater bloodshed, destruction and suffering, all of which we have experienced too much of already.

Now is the time for Israelis and Palestinians who advocate for peace to come together and call for an end to the violence and destruction. The struggle is not between Palestinian citizens and Israeli citizens. The struggle is between those who are committed to an agreed upon, just solution to the conflict and those, on both sides, who seek to perpetuate hatred and bloodshed; those willing to recognize the other’s right to dignity, life and independence and those who only acknowledge their own justice.

The Israeli Peace NGO Forum is a network comprised of some 70 member organizations working in cross-border cooperation with Palestinian organizations in order to promote peace through a mutually agreed-upon resolution to the conflict which will insure the dignity, liberty and security of both nations. In this time of crisis, we remain firm in our belief that the future of our two peoples is interdependent and have decided to work together to keep open existing channels of communication and to establish new ones.


The following organizations signed the ad:

The Geneva Initiative (Education for Peace)

Neve Shalom

The Peace Initiative Council

The Israeli-Palestinian Center for Research and Information

The Citizens Accord Forum

The Parents' Circle

Morashtenu Amana LaDemocratia

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

The Peres Center for Peace

Friends of the Earth Middle East


Art of Living

Adam Lelo Gevulot

On the Road to Sulha

The Jerusalem Intercultural Center

The Meir Ya'ari Educational Foundation

The Israeli Regional Peace Movement

Windows-Channels for Communications Machsom Watch

The Arik Institute

On the Left Side

Combatants for Peace

Keshev-Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel

Just Vision


Bat Shalom

Givat Haviva

The Jaffa Arab-Jewish Center

The Citizens Accord Forum

Peace Time-The Organization of Desert Time (Zman Midbar)

Adam Institute

Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (NISPED)

Mifgash (Encounter) for Conflict Transformation

All for Peace Radio

Ossim Shalom Social Workers for Peace and Social Welfare

Peace Now