GI Tour to the Security Barrier for Kadima activists

On August 25, the Geneva Initiative conducted a tour to areas of the security barrier for 52 political activists affiliated with the Kadima Party.

Date 25.08.2009

The tour was guided by GI Signatory, Col (Res.) Shaul Arieli and took place in the Sharon-Shomron area. Viewpoints included Katzir; Baka El Garbiyya; Taibeh, Tzur Natan; Alfey Menasheh, Tzufin and Beitar Ilit.

One of the participants, who reported on the tour in the Kadima website stated that "There is no doubt that the tour was astonishing and that each participant will process findings and conclusions further to his/her opinion and the background that led him/her to Kadima. At the end of the day we returned home satisfied but a bit frustrated".
(translated from the Kadima website)


Col (Res.) Shaul Arieli guiding 52 central activists of the Kadima Party in a tour to areas of the security barrier