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GI trilateral leadership seminar in Turin

24-27/06/2008: GI holds trilateral Italian-Israeli-Palestinian leadership seminar in Turin
Date: 24.06.08

On Tuesday-Friday, June 24th-27th, Israeli and Palestinian delegations met in Turin, Italy, as part of a Geneva Initiative leadership seminar.

Each delegation consisted of six young leaders, and throughout the four-day event, the two groups held several bilateral discussions, heard lectures, and met with a group of prominent Italians from the region.

Additionally, the Israelis, Palestinians and Italians participated in a public event hosted by the region's leadership.

Speaking at the seminar were Israeli MK Avshalom Vilan of Meretz, Geneva Initiative signatory Saman Khoury of the Palestinian Peace and Democracy Forum, Dr. Yuval Benziman, Director of Research and Policy Planning at Geneva Initiative-Israel, and Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative Director General Nidal Fuqaha.