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GI workshop in Ramallah on the participation of women in politics

On July 19, the Geneva Initiative held a workshop focused on encouraging Palestinian women's participation in politics.


The Geneva Initiative held a workshop in Ramallah as part of an ongoing GI women's training program geared toward young women and students. Speakers discussed the meaning of taking part in political life, and mentioned the critical role youth play in politics, stressing the need to strengthen it. They focused particularly on the significance of political involvement of Palestinian women.
The training session began with a background of the vital historical role of women in the Palestinian political life and continued with group discussions about different factors that can stimulate the political involvement of women. Additionally, the groups shared ideas on channels available to women for participation.
There was a report of the event written in the July 19, 2010 edition of Al-Ayyam Daily.
Al-Ayyam Daily, July 19, 2010