Graduation ceremony of Sixth Political Seminar

On October 7 we held the Graduation Ceremony for our sixth Political Course


During the five month political course, over forty political activists from a range of political parties (Labor, Likud, Shas etc.) heard lectures from Israeli and Palestinian speakers, participated in tours and learnt about all aspects of the Israeli-Palestine conflict and possible solutions. Participants are encouraged to take the knowledge that they have gained during the course and to use it to promote a two state solution. For example, in October, graduates of the course from the Labor party have organized a public meeting to discuss how to further the peace process with the participation of Labor Chairperson, Shelly Yachimovich. The next course will commence in late November.

Course Graduates with their certificates

Birkat Klimstein Levy, Head of the Young Leaders Council of the Labor party and a graduate of the most recent course, addressed the Ceremony and said:

"The Geneva Initiative course taught me the first and most essential element for a peace process: The belief that it is possible. The very existence of the Geneva Initiative, the fact that we learnt about the range of issues included in the agreement proves that if there is the will, there is a solution… We didn't participate in the course just to satisfy our natural curiosity. We did so take the insights that we learnt here and to share them with others."

Birkat Klimstein Levy