Greek Official to GI "EU Mulling Ban on Settlement Products"

On September 6th to 9th, Israeli and Palestinian public figures and journalists, part of a Geneva Initiative joint seminar, met with Greek government officials in Athens, Greece


The meeting was reported in Yediot Aharonot news. 
The EU is considering an import ban on settlement products, an offical Greek representative said Friday, when asked about his country's stance on the issue. 
The Greek diplomat noted that the EU's committees are currently deliberating on the issue of settlement products and are expected to present their conclusions to the EU Executive Commission for it's decision on the matter. 
According to the diplomat, the EU talks include the option of marking all products that originate from any territory beyond the 1967 borders, as well as the option of banning imports completely.
The official mentioned a similar import ban, on products from the Turkish held Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), as an example. The ban means that Turkey is the only country connecting the TRNC to the rest of the world.
The diplomat was speaking to Israeli and Palestinian reporters at a Geneva Initiative seminar in Athens.
He did not offer any additional details on his own country's stance on settlement products, a subject which recently became front page news due to an official South African government decision to mark all settlement products as well as local union decisions in Denmark and Britain.
The Greek diplomat went on to add that relations between Israel and Greece have been growing closer over the past two years, which is why Greece is one of the only countries that can tell Netanyahu the truth.
Discussing the settlements he said: "We reiterate and stress to him (Netanyahu) that they are illegal. He listens, and sometimes he refers it to the courts like the Migron case."
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