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GI tour to separation barrier for diplomats

  On Tuesday, September 25th, Geneva Initiative hosted an English guided tour to specific parts of the West Bank separation fence that are still being debated in Israel's judicial system for representatives of the diplomatic and international community in Israel.

25 September 2007

GI representative addresses Workmen's Circle Boston members

  On Wednesday, August 22nd, Geneva Initiative Foreign Relations Director Michal Radoshitzky spoke to members of the Workmen's Circle from Boston. The discussion took place in a hotel in East Jerusalem.
22 August 2007

GI Director General meets with U.S. congressmen

  On Thursday, August 16th, Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky met with congressmen Jason Altmire (D. Penn.), Patrick J. Murphy (D. Penn.), and Keith Ellison (D. Minn) and briefed them on the Geneva Initiative.
16 August 2007

GI representatives meet with Swiss state secretary

  On Monday, August 13th, Geneva Initiative Co-Architects Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed-Rabbo, GI Israel Director-General Gadi Baltiansky, and PPC-GI Director-General Nidal Foqaha met with Swiss State Secretary Michael Ambuhl in Switzerland.
13 August 2007

GI Signatory speaks to Swiss students in Jerusalem

  Sam'an Khoury, GI Signatory and Member of the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative Steering Committee spoke before 26 Swiss students in the Old City of Jerusalem.
10 August 2007

GI seminar for Israeli and Palestinian students in Jordan

  On July 13th-15th, 2007, Geneva Initiative held a seminar in Jordan for 50 Israeli and Palestinian students.
15 July 2007

GI attends Peace NGO Conference in Tuscany

  Between 10-13 June, GI was represented at the Peace NGO Conference in Tuscany by a number of GI signatories including Mr. Yasser Abed Rabbo and Mr. Kadura Fares as well as the heads of the Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative Offices, Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha respectively.
13 June 2007

GI attends Regional Peace Conference in Jordan

  On May 16th and 17th, Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian Steering Committee Members represented Geneva Initiative at a Regional Peace Conference in Jordan with the participation of HM King of Jordan Abdullah.
17 May 2007

GI attends international conference in Madrid on peace

  The Conference entitled "Paths for Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict", hosted by the Carlos III University and Platform of Madrid for Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, was attended by political leaders, journalists, academicians and NGO leaders world-wide.
12 May 2007

GI attends Israeli-Jordanian meeting on Peace Process

  On May 10th, Geneva Initiative was represented at a meeting hosted by the Arab Center of Democracy and Peace Studies in Amman, and headed by Dr. Abed Al Salam Al Majali (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Center of Democracy and Peace Studies and Former Jordan Prime Minister).
10 May 2007
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