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GI signatories speak at international conference on peace at the College of Management

  On Wednesday, December 17th, Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky and GI signatory Israela Oron spoke at a international conference entitled "Deepening the Dialog: Who We Talk With and How," at the Israeli Academic Research Institute of Conflict Resolution and Mediation, headed by MK Amira Dotan.
17 December 2008

GI participates in UN conference on Mideast peace

  On Saturday, December 13th, Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky spoke at a 3-day United Nations conference in Chile on the prospects of reaching a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
13 December 2008

Joint GI student seminar in Jordan

  On Friday-Sunday, November 28th-30th, Geneva Initiative held a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar in Jordan for some 30 students, where participants discussed the situation and formulated ideas for promoting peacemaking and dialogue in their own communities
30 November 2008

Joint GI seminar for senior journalists in Spain

  On October 16th-17th, Geneva Initiative held a joint seminar for prominent Israeli and Palestinian journalists in Seville, Spain, in cooperation with the Spanish organization Tres Culturas.
17 October 2008

GI Director Generals attend Peace NGO Forum in Pisa

  On the weekend of September 19th-21st, Geneva Initiative Director Generals Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha attended the annual trilateral conference of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace NGO Forum in Pisa, Italy, along with representatives of dozens of other NGOs promoting peace.
21 September 2008

GI joint seminar in Turkey with Shas figures

  On Monday-Wednesday, September 8th-10th, Geneva Initiative held a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar in Istanbul aimed at introducing top representatives of the Shas Ultra-Orthodox coalition party with senior Palestinian figures and journalists.
10 September 2008

GI teams hold water dialogue in Maryland

  Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative delegates to a conference in Maryland made great strides on August 18th-21st in a Track II dialogue on a central issue of contention between Israelis and Palestinian: how water should be allocated fairly and with cooperation to face drought and other environmental problems.
21 August 2008

GI tour of Jerusalem Envelope for Latin American students

  On Monday, August 18th, Geneva Initiative held a tour of the separation barrier in the area surrounding Jerusalem for 35 students from Latin America, who are in Israel as part of a Beit Berl College program.
18 August 2008

GI representatives speak before Swiss students

  On Tuesday, August 12th, Geneva Initiative representatives from both the Israeli and the Palestinian headquarters spoke in Jerusalem before some 30 students visiting the region from Switzerland.
12 August 2008

U.S. Congressional Candidate tours separation barrier with GI

  On Sunday, August 3rd, Geneva Initiative held a tour of the seprartion barrier around Jerusalem for Wayne Parker, a U.S. congressional candidate running in Alabama's 5th district.
03 August 2008
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