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Joint seminar for young activists from the Russian-speaking community

On December 27 to 29, we held a joint meeting for young political activists from the Israeli Russian-speaking community and Palestinians. The joint meeting brought both sides together to discuss ways to develop joint projects to push forward the peace process among their constituencies


27 December 2012

Italian Foreign Ministry Support for the Geneva Initiative

On November 29th to December 2nd, 2012, we held a seminar with the Italian Center for Middle East Peace with prominent Israelis and Palesitnians on the topic of Confidence Building Measures. 


05 December 2012

Joint Seminar Young Political Activist

On October 18 to 20, the Geneva Initiative held a joint seminar for a group of Israeli and Palestinian young political activists
04 November 2012

GI delegation meets with President Abbas in Ramallah

On October 14, a senior Geneva Initiative delegation consisting of Members of Knesset, mayors and activists from Likud, Labor, Kadima and Meretz, met with President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah


14 October 2012

Greek Official to GI "EU Mulling Ban on Settlement Products"

On September 6th to 9th, Israeli and Palestinian public figures and journalists, part of a Geneva Initiative joint seminar, met with Greek government officials in Athens, Greece


10 September 2012

Geneva Initiative leaders meet Swiss Government officials

On August 17 to 19, Geneva Initiative senior leadership met with Swiss Members of Parliment, and Ministers in Bern, Switzerland


20 August 2012

GI leaders join UN Asia and Pacific meeting on Israeli-Palestinian peace

On July 11 and 12, Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian Directors-General addressed the United Nations Asian and Pacific meeting in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace.


11 July 2012

Israeli and Palestinian youth activists meet in Prague

On July 2 to 5, Israeli and Palestinian youth activists from across the political spectrum took part in a Geneva Initiative joint seminar in Prague.


04 July 2012

Geneva Initiative leaders meet with Italian Foreign Ministry Officials

On June 25th to 27th, Geneva Initiative senior leaders met with Italian Foreign Ministry officials in Rome in conjunction with a three-day joint seminar with Israelis and Palestinians on the issues surrouding a resolution to Jerusalem.


02 July 2012

Meeting with young Dutch politicians

On Thursday June 17, Director-General of GI in Israel, Gadi Baltiansky, met with a group of young Dutch politicians at the GI offices in Tel Aviv to give a briefing on the current status of the peace process and the importance of the role of the international community. 
17 June 2012
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