Is Peace Possible?

The Atlantic
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The Geneva Initiative is on the map - again!
Just over a month after our proposed border maps' honorable mention in David Makovsky's New York Times interactive editorial, the maps were again cited as a realistic, practical proposal in a joint project by The Atlantic and the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace called "Is Peace Possible?".
The Geneva Initiative permanent solution border maps were showcased as part of the first chapter of a four-part video series. To watch the first video in the series, click here.
Additionally, the Geneva Initiative was further mentioned in this supplement to the series on how to connect the West Bank and Gaza, as well as in a piece about the most contentious settlements to the conflict.
On October 31, 2011, The Atlantic added the second chapter in the series, which deals with the role of security in an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. To watch this video or read its transcript, click here.
The permanent border solutions of Israel and Palestine
proposed by the Geneva Initiative.