Israel Post reports on the new Geneva Initiative campaign

By Moshe Cohen, Israel Post (Translated)
Yesterday, the Geneva Initiative launched a campaign which warns that before the West Bank becomes Gaza under Hamas rule, we need to make a peace agreement. "The West Bank will become the second Gaza" says campaign advisors, and warned that in the absence of a peace process, the rockets from Gaza will look like promo to the circle of violence that will erupt.
The campaign posted a large billboard that warns "Before the West Bank tunrs into Gaza, click Geneva Initiative," and leads you to a screen that specifies the core issues an agreement that prevent the above occuring.

Gadi Baltiansky, Geneva Initiative Director-General: "We cannot avoid the most critical issue for the future of Israel and wait for the explosion. Before the world imposes unwanted steps upon us, and before we lose favor with President Abbas, the Israeli public must demand clear answers from their Knesset candidates on the Palestinian issue."