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Israeli and Palestinian environmentalists meet in Bethlehem to discuss peace

On October 7-8, the Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar in Bethlehem to discuss the GI's water & environmental annexes in the context of the current peace process.


The Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative offices hosted a seminar to discuss the GI's water and environmental annexes as they relate to the peace process, in cooperation with the Madrid Coalition.

The seminar was attended by some 40 professional experts on water an environment from Palestine, Israel and Europe, as well as diplomatic representatives of Spain, Switzerland, Norway and Japan.


During the course of the conference participants addressed efforts to enhance territorial partnerships; exchanged best practices, and worked together to effectively promote local sustainable development, and increase awareness among decision makers in order to advance the overall peace process.


The seminar achieved resulted in the establishment of two working groups for water and environment with professional members from the three sides. A report of needed action plans will be produced and circulated by the end of next month for follow up by the committee members and other professionals. We aim for this report to serve as a guide for future work and training activities.

Palestinian GI Director-General Nidal Foqaha addressing the conference

Israeli, Palestinian and European participants and the Bethlehem conference on GI's water and environment annexes