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Jerusalem: facts vs. fiction

Politicians in Israel like to talk about the “eternal, undivided capital”. But what about their voters? Well, close to two thirds say they agree that Jerusalem is already divided into two cities - the eastern city and the western city. This is according to the latest results of the Peace Index, which you can find in full here
05 February 2018

Most Israelis support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state

According to a new poll published by Israel's national radio service ("Kol Israel") 61% of Israelis – including 93% of Zionist Camp voters and 49% of Likud voters - would like to see the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

31 December 2016

Majority of Israelis support reigniting peace negotiations

According to the recent Peace Index survey, two thirds of Israelis (65%) support conducting peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. However, 53% also said they believe the ongoing diplomatic freeze between the two sides can keep going for a long time.
16 November 2016

Majority of Likud voters believe Gaza War should be followed by an Israeli Peace Initiative leading to a two-state solution

The Geneva Initiative conducted a poll in mid-September, showing that 53% of Likud voters and 58% of the general public believe that in light of the reality after the Gaza conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should embark on a peace initiative that would lead to a two-state solution.

21 September 2014

Majority of Israelis believe only strong international pressure can bring Israel and Palestinians to agreement

The December monthly peace index published by the Israel Democracy Insitute and Tel Aviv University shows that a majority of Israelis believe that only strong international pressure can bring Israel and the Palestinians to an agreement.


07 January 2014

Haaretz Public Opinion Poll

A recent Haaretz survey shows that only 25% of Israelis would oppose a peace agreement if Prime Minister Netanyahu were to present one.

01 August 2013

Survey: Most Israelis, Palestinians Support 2 States

By Aaron Kalman, The Times of Israel

04 July 2013

S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace Polling

 Polls indicate that 67% of the public support an agreement based on the principles of the Geneva Initiative, including a majority of 58% of Likud and Shas voters - two target groups for which the Geneva Initiative has focused our activities. 
08 January 2013

Yediot Ahronot Public Opinion Poll

A majority of Israelis believe Netanyahu should present a serious political plan to reach a two state solution during his visit to Washington. A plurality (48%) believes Israel should recognize a Palestinian state before September.

01 May 2011
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