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June 2007: “The Peace Index” finds that 70% of the Jewish public in Israel support a "two state" agreement with the Palestinians

“The Peace Index” from the beginning of June, conducted by the Tami Steinmetz Center at the Tel Aviv University, finds that 70% of the Jewish public in Israel support an agreement with the Palestinians based on the “two states for two peoples” principle.

15 June 2007

Poll commissioned by Geneva Initiative: 46% of Israelis support negotiations with PA unity government; only 37.4% oppose.

A poll commissioned by the Geneva Initiative in mid-February reveals that 46% of the Jewish population in Israel supports renewing negotiations with a Palestinian unity government if and when it is established. Only 37.4% oppose.

14 February 2007

70.2% of Israelis prefer to To begin negotiations on a final status agreement

The following poll, which sampled 600 Israelis during January 2007, was commissioned by Geneva Initiative and performed by HaGal HaHadash Company.

31 January 2007

May 2006: Overwhelming Majority of Israelis Support Negotiations with Abbas

Israeli public inclined towards negotiated moves.

31 May 2006
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