What Settlement Division? Brig. General Ilan Paz on the secret division of the World Zionist Organization

The Israeli police raided the offices of a secret unit of the World Zionist Organization called the "Settlement Division" yesterday. Senior Geneva Initiative member Brig. General Ilan Paz recalls his shock when he found out how the settlement division operates:

In the photo: B.G. Paz speaking at a Geneva Initiative conference.

"Several years ago, when I was head of the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank, I was shocked to learn what the secret organization called the ‘settlement division’ did. A body funded by the government of Israel which did what the government wanted to do, but apparently couldn't because it was illegal. An unsupervised organization, with an independent agenda, connected to particular politicians, which creates an illegal and wasteful situation, funded by the Israeli taxpayer and which I wasn't allowed to know where its funds were spent. We realized that the settlement division was involved in the building of almost every illegal outpost in the West Bank..."

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