J Street 3rd Annual Conference March 2012

On March 24 to 27 in Washington D.C., GI particpated in J Street's 3rd Annual Conference. Director-General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltiansky, will spoke at the event on March 26 on the panel "Changing Paradigms Among World Jewry for a Two-State Solution
This year the Geneva Initiative participated in J Street Conference in Washington D.C. The conference gathered over 2500 people from across the United States and Israel in support for a two-state solution and Israel. 
The Geneva Intiative table was set up at the conference and quite popular. Over 1500 Annual Reports were distributed to each conference participant, hundreds of Accords picked up - we were cleared out by the end of the conference!
Director-General of the Geneva Intiaitive Israel, Gadi Baltiansky, join a panel session on the "Changing Paradigms of World Jewry for a Two-State Solution." Baltiansky stated that "As long as we occupy the Palestinian Territories, the Jewish future is in danger. The Jewish people must be involved in the  conversation about Israeli-Palestinian peace." 
Geneva Intiative Conference Table                                          
Director-General Gadi Baltiansky speaks on a panel a J Street's Conference 
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