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Jimmy Carter calls on Israel and the PA to adopt the Geneva Accord as a "bible"

Excerpts from several reports on the former U.S. president's statements, By Various news sources

During his visit to Israel, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter met with the heads of Israeli and Palestinian peace organizations and repeatedly referenced the Geneva Accord as a document that should guide these organizations and the decision-makers on both sides in their pursuit of peace. his statements received extensive coverage in the media in Israel, as well as in Palestinian and International media outlets. Following are excerpts from several reports:
The Associated Press, 16/04/08:
Carter said Israelis and Palestinians should adopt an unofficial framework for a peace agreement known as the "Geneva Accord," drafted by dovish Israelis and Palestinians in 2003 without government authorization. That agreement endorsed the formation of a Palestinian state on almost all territory captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war.
The sides should "adopt the Geneva Accords as Bible, Holy Scripture, so that all can speak with a common voice," Carter said.
NRG, 16/04/08:
At the end of the meeting (with the peace organizations), he called on the organizations to adopt the Geneva Initiative as a bible and told them they are on the winning side, as peace will eventually prevail.
Al Quds, 17/04/08:
Carter described the Geneva Initiative as the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Army Radio, 16/04/08:
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter calls on Israel to open a dialogue with Hamas, stop targeting the heads of terror organizations, and adopt the Geneva Initiative.