Joint Activities - 2013

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Joint seminar for Israeli and Palestinian journalists


On the 23-25 October the Geneva Initiative held a joint Palestinian-Israeli seminar for journalists. The seminar took place in Athens and was attended by senior journalists from the major news outlets Yediot Ahronot, Israel Channel 2, Haaretz, Al-Ayyam and Al-Jazeera, amongst others.

30 October 2013

Israeli Political Activists and Parliamentary Aides visit Ramallah


On Thursday 10 October 20 Israeli Political Activists and Parliamentary Aides travelled to Ramallah where they met with their peers and learnt about the Palestinian perspective to the conflict

15 October 2013

Geneva Initiative and J Street Conference at US Congress


On Tuesday 1 October 2013, The Geneva Initiative and the Jewish American lobby group J Street organized a special conference at the US Congress in Washington

03 October 2013

Young Palestinian and Israel Political Activists Participate in Joint Seminar


The Geneva Initiative is continuing to work with decision-makers to ensure that we take advantage of the opportunity to arrive at an agreement. On August 22-24 we ran a joint seminar for Israeli parliamentary assistants and political activists from Yesh Atid, the Labor party, Hatnua and Meretz with Palestinian political activists

25 August 2013

Five new MK's meet with senior Palestinians


On August 16 to 18, five new Members of the Knesset from Yesh Atid, the Labor Party and Hatnua participated in a joint seminar with senior Palestinian members of the Geneva Initiative in Budapest, Hungary. The participants agreed on a series of joint steps to increase support for the negotiations.

18 August 2013

Likud, Shas Tour and Joint Meeting in Ramallah

On July 7, the Geneva Initiative led Likud and Shas party activists on a visit to the PLO headquarters Ramallah a joint meeting with our partners, the Palestinian Peace Coalition and senior PLO officials.
07 July 2013

Joint Seminar for Young Activists

On May 23 we held a joint seminar for Palestinian and Israeli young political activists. The seminar took place over three-days and include lectures by prominent experts on aspects of the peace process


23 May 2013

Joint meeting for young Palestinian and Israeli leaders

On March 10th, the Geneva Initiative organized a joint meeting in Ramallah for young leaders. The meeting is a follow-up for former participants in our seminars and focused on brainstorming joint project ideas between young Israelis and Palestinians.

10 March 2013

Israeli and Palestinian Mayors take part in Geneva Initiative Seminar in Turin

On March 4 to 7, Israeli and Palestinian took part in a Geneva Initiative joint seminar in Turin, Italy, coordinated with our partners CIPMO - the Italian Center for Peace in the Middle East


01 March 2013