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Members of Knesset, former security officials and senior Palestinian figures at a Geneva Initiative Seminar

The formal political process has long been deadlocked, but we continue to work relentlessly to keep a high level, open and constructive dialogue going. On December 15-17, we brought together a group of Israeli and Palestinian senior policy makers and former officials for an intensive series of discussions on the current political and security situation, the conflict and ways to promote a two-state solution.



21 December 2016

Geneva Initiative Tour for Diplomats: Proposed Border Solutions and Settlements - Myths and Facts

On December 13, the Geneva Initiative ran a tour of the West Bank area which was attended by over 30 members of the diplomatic community. The tour was led by Col. (res.) Ron Schatzberg, leading expert on border issues and a reserve colonel in the IDF; Dr. Samih al-Abed, Geneva Initiative Board Member and official member of the Palestinian Negotiating team; and Fatina Hodali, who advises the Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit on issues related to borders.



13 December 2016

Meeting with American Officials

This week, the Israeli and Palestinian heads of the Geneva Initiative are meeting with senior State Department and White House officials. They are taking this opportunity to stress the urgency of promoting a solution to the conflict, and to present new ideas developed by the Geneva Initiative on how to reignite negotiations. 


16 November 2016

Geneva Initiative meets with EU Foreign Policy Chief

On September 28th, heads of the Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative met with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Ms. Federica Mogherini.
09 October 2016

The Geneva Initiative in Haifa: Joint seminar for key Israeli and Palestinian political activists

On September 29-30, the Geneva initiative brought together 20 Palestinian and Israeli political activists for two days of lectures, discussions and joint work in the city of Haifa. The weekend seminar focused on providing participants with detailed knowledge and a toolkit for promoting the two-state solution. 


30 September 2016

Workshop for Palestinian and Israeli Female Activists

In September, we ran a workshop in Ramallah for a group of Israeli and Palestinian women. The Participants included political activists, Palestinian Authority workers, women's rights activists and other opinion leaders, all graduates of our special programming for women in Israel and Palestine. 


22 September 2016

Palestinian-Israeli Seminar for Young Political Activists

This weekend, we held a seminar for 10 young Israeli and Palestinian political activists. The Israeli participants included journalists, youth activists, and a parliamentary assistant, representing parties from across the political spectrum like Yesh Atid, Kulanu and the Zionist Camp. The Palestinian participants also included journalists, educators, youth and women's rights activists, as well as Palestinian Authority employees.


15 September 2016

The Geneva Initiative on the Bar

Over a hundred young Israelis came to meet the Geneva Initiative's Ayed Atmawi, who came all the way from Ramallah to tell them about his experiences as a young Palestinian peace activist who lives under the Israeli occupation and works to promote the two-state solution.


19 July 2016

Meeting with French Special Envoy for the Middle East peace process

This weekend, the Palestinian and Israeli Directors General of the Geneva Initiative, Nidal Foqaha and Gadi Baltiansky, met with Pierre Vimont, the French Special Envoy for the preparation of the international conference to renew the Middle East peace process.
19 June 2016

Meanwhile, in Ramallah: Israelis and Palestinians Engage in Real Dialogue

On June 1st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition and H. L. Education for Peace – together the Geneva Initiative, brought together a group of 30 Israelis and Palestinians for an intensive joint meeting in Ramallah. They got to know each other, reflected on how the conflict affects their lives and talked about how they can work together to advance the two-state solution.
02 June 2016
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