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Introducing the Two-State Coalition

In April 2018, the Geneva Initiative launched the Two State Coalition project – a program aimed at institutionalizing and consolidating the efforts of the Israeli and Palestinian peace organizations. The coalition works to encourage and support the Israeli and Palestinian peace camps by establishing a strong, inclusive and action-oriented coalition of civil society organizations acting in support of the Two-State Solution.

In the months since the project’s start, we worked to recruit organizations to the coalition, conduct initial introductory meetings and draw strategic work plans for the first year of the program. In October, representatives of the member organizations of both the Palestinian and Israeli coalitions met for an intensive two-day workshop, aimed at analyzing and understanding the current political landscape and identifying possible messages and strategies that can influence the situation.

Two-day seminar for Israeli and Palestinian coalition members. Nazareth, October 2018

We believe that civil society in both Palestine and Israel has the potential to be an invaluable force in promoting a negotiated settlement for the conflict. Dozens of Palestinian and Israeli organizations operate today in the areas of peace-building, non-violence and coexistence, working with local constituencies, leaderships and international stakeholders in an effort to promote a negotiated settlement.

Yet, despite having a shared cause and facing similar challenges, each organization acts as if it were alone in the battle for peace. As a result of being fragmented and lacking coordination, the local peace camp is far from reaching its full potential. Collaborative and consolidated efforts are more effective; the whole can be greater and stronger than the sum of its parts.

Our objective is to use the coalition as a platform to introduce peace activists and staff of peace organizations to new approaches and thinking around conflict resolution, conflict transformation and the crucial role of civil society in spearheading change. We aim to do so by providing information and analysis on the concept of reconciliation, why the two-state solution remains the only viable option and how other alternatives are unrealistic or impractical. Additionally, through these activities and generating renewed vigor amongst activists, we hope to keep the two-state solution on the agenda and in public consciousness, primarily among those who are committed to championing and promoting it.

Joint meeting of Israeli and Palestinian coalition members with the French Consul. Jerusalem, October 2018


04 November 2018

Young Israeli and Palestinian leaders meet for a joint tour of Rawabi

Young Israeli and Palestinian leaders and Geneva Initiative activists met for a joint tour in the Palestinian city of Rawabi in the West Bank, where they met one of the city's founders, Mr. Bashar al-Masri.

Following the tour, the group travelled to Ramallah, where they spoke to Dr. Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research Center. Dr. Shikaki presented to the participants the results of the latest Israeli and Palestinian public opinion poll, published in August, and analyzed the current political situation.


03 September 2018

Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian Delegations Participated in the 2018 Caux Forum

The Geneva Initiative was delighted to send Palestinian and Israeli delegations to the international Caux Forum this year. 14 young leaders – political and social activists, youth leaders, political advisors and parliamentary staff from Israel and the West Bank took part in the conference, where they learned about peace building around the world and inspired people with their own stories.


09 July 2018

Young Leaders from Israel and Palestine meet for a weekend Seminar

In June, a group of young Palestinians and Israelis decided to take a break from the never-ending blame game and spend some time together listening to one another, hearing what experts think about the solvability of the conflict, and even learning from the experiences of people affected by other conflicts.


10 June 2018

Palestinian and Israeli Business Leaders Meet to Discuss Cooperation

“I run an Israeli company that wishes to employ Palestinian programmers from Gaza. How do we make that happen?” “There are three big Israeli companies working in Ramallah. Would your company like to be the fourth?” These are some of the questions that Israeli and Palestinian business leaders raised in a meeting that we held at the Geneva Initiative offices, with the participation of two former ministers of economy, Yossi Beilin and Samih al Abed. In the upcoming months, we will work together with them and our partners at the SHARE foundation to find answers to these and other pressing issues. 


31 May 2018

A Geneva Initiative Delegation to Sweden

In May, the Geneva Initiative’s Nidal Foqaha and Daphna Perry traveled to Stockholm, where they met with Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, senior Members of Parliament and various civil society groups and foundations. They also spoke at a special public event on the Two State Solution, that was attended by over 50 Swedish academics, civil society figures and political activists. 


25 May 2018

Special Geneva Initiative Events at J Street and US Institute of Peace

In April, the work of the Geneva Initiative was presented in several public events in Washington D.C.  


06 May 2018

Panel on the Geneva Initiative at an IDC Conference

On March 10, international law experts Einat Ronen and Mostafa Elostaz talked with students at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya about the Geneva Initiative’s vision for ending the conflict and building genuine peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


10 April 2018

Briefing Young Leaders from Europe, North America and Australia

On March 27th, we held a day-long seminar for Jewish youth from Australia, U.K., U.S., Canada and Germany.


27 March 2018

Israeli-Palestinian Working Group on Water

Building on the Geneva Initiative’s work on the issue of Water (which has resulted inter alia in the Water Annex), we recently established a new bilateral group of water experts, supported by several international experts.


27 March 2018
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