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Joint GI seminar for senior journalists in Spain

16-17/10/2008: Joint GI seminar for senior journalists in Spain
Date: 17.10.08

On October 16th-17th, Geneva Initiative held a joint seminar for prominent Israeli and Palestinian journalists in Seville, Spain, in cooperation with the Spanish organization Tres Culturas.

Each delegation comprised of six senior journalists and public opinion and polling experts. Media outlets represented included such prominent local publications as Yediot Aharonot, Ma'ariv, and Al-Ayam, alongside prominent international news agencies such as Reuters and the Associated Press.

The seminar addressed how media figures influence the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how the conflict is covered by each side's media outlets. Additionally, participants presented one another with data from recent polls conducted among both Israelis and Palestinians, which demonstrate support for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

As part of the seminar, the delegations met with Spanish media figures from print journalism, television, and radio, with whom they discussed the international media's coverage of the conflict.