Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Joint Israeli-Palestinian GI Call to Israeli PM Netanyahu


In advance of PM Netanyahu’s speech scheduled for this Sunday (June 14th, 2009), the Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative offices call on Mr. Netanyahu to openly adopt the two-state solution and return to the negotiations table with the aim of reaching an Israeli-Palestinian final-status agreement.
So as not to encounter additional years of political stagnation during which the occupation and continued settlement expansion will create an irreversible reality on the ground, we call on Mr. Netanyahu to lay out in his speech on Sunday the policy and precise steps that his government will take in order to heed U.S. President Obama's call for ending the conflict.
As illustrated in the Geneva Accord, there are solutions to all the outstanding issues, and a final-status agreement is within reach. We urge Mr. Netanyahu to seize the opportunity created by the new U.S. leadership by taking bold and decisive steps in the direction of peace. Israelis and Palestinians alike deserve and want a better future.