Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar for Key Activists


In late May we held a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar for key activists in Larnaka, Crete for young political activists from both sides.

The seminar was attended by activists from the Israeli Labor and Likud parties as well as Palestinians who are active in government, media and business. The participants heard lectures about the conflict and the solutions offered by the Geneva Initiative, discussed the current political situtaion as well as ways to work together to promote the two state solution.

Former MK and Druze activist Akram Hasson who is no. 11 on the list for the Kulanu party (and next in line to enter the Knesset) said at the seminar: "I am a convinced believer in the Geneva Initiative's approach and after meeting with the Palestinian participants, I have new tools for understanding the conflict and working for a solution."

Participants in the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar