Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar for Political Activists

During September we organized a seminar for key Israeli and Palestinian activists, graduates of Geneva Initiative local activities.

The participants included a former MK, candidates for the Knesset and PA officials, among others. The seminar was organized in partnership with CIPMO, the Italian Center for Peace in the Middle East. It included lectures by Brig. Gen. (res.) Israel Oron and Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative Director General Nidal Foqaha as well as open discussions between the participants on the core issues and ways to work together to solve the conflict. In addition the participants met with European parliamentarians to discuss the role of the international community.
The Seminar was organized with the support of the European Union’s Partnership for Peace.
Barak Sas, a senior activist in the Israeli Labor party posted his reaction to facebook: “Last week I participated in a Geneva Initiative seminar. It turns out the Palestinians have lost their faith in the two state solution for many reasons including settlement building, regional development and argument over Jerusalem. We Israelis also have reason to fear an agreement. In our history we suffered uncountable attacks, waves of anti-Semitism, wars and terror, such that we have good reason to be skeptical about anything to do with our security. Without hope for a political solution, the chances of another round of violence are growing. We have to ask ourselves: how do we see the state of Israel in another ten years? Or in two? As one state where Palestinians have equal citizenship? As one state with two types of citizens, on the basis of racial separation? Or will we expel three and a half million people from their homes in the territories and throw them into neighboring Jordan? Or perhaps two sates, where each nation will have its own state with clear borders.”