Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar for Senior Likud Activists and Senior Palestinians


In early November we organized a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar for members of the Likud central committee and other senior party activists together with senior Palestinian leaders.


The seminar was a part of an ongoing cooperation between the Geneva Initiative and senior figures in the Likud, whose objective is to strengthen the moderate wing of the party which supports the two state solution. As a result of the seminar, the Israeli participants, who hold different positions within Likud party bodies, are working to promote a dialogue on the two state solution within the party. The Palestinian participants included political activists from Fatah and senior figures in the Palestinian Authority, amongst others. Despite initial differences of opinion between the participants, they reached agreement on many issues, in particular on the importance of promoting a permanent status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians which would ensure peace and security for both sides.
In the picture: Likud Central Committee Members, Yossi Jino and Ami Argov
with former Palestinian Minister Ashraf al-Ajrami