Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar for Young Political Activists

On July 28 to 31, Geneva Initiative convened a joint Israeli-Palesitinan seminar for political activists and parliamentary assitants in Budapest.
The seminar, part of the young leadership project of the Geneva Initiative, brought together Israeli and Palestinian parliamentary assistants, political consultants and public officials. On the Israeli side, participants included representatives of Shas, Likud, Kadima, and Labor.
The group met with leaders of the Geneva Initiative Israel and the Palestinian Peace Coalition, took part in lectures on the core issues of the conflict, and held discussions on the framework of the Geneva Initiative model permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.
Salam Zakout, political assistant to Salam Fayyad, addressed the issue of September. He spoke about how the decision was made, and why, in his view, it is not a unilateral move but something that can promote negotaitons. He also spoke about Arab spring and its influence on Palestinain street. Brigadier Gen. (Res.) Ilan Paz talked about cooperation between the Israeli military and the Palestinian police and the fact that the security has never been better than it is right now. In addition to the lectures, participatns talked in groups about the core issues of the conflict—borders, security, refugees, and Jerusalem—and came up with questions and solutions.
The activity was a follow up to previous local seminars for young parliamentary assistants and political activists.