Joint Workshop for Russian Speaking Israeli Position-holders and Journalists and their Palestinian Counterparts

On February 10, the Geneva Initiative hosted a joint Israeli-Palestinian workshop for Russian speaking Israeli position-holders and journalists with their Palestinian counterparts.

The Israeli-Palestinian dialogue workshop, entitled "Talking Peace," was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem. The day opened with a discussion on "The Political Context." After lunch, David Idelman facilitated a working group breakout session on "Israel and the Palestinians: Decision Time. Prospects and Perils of the Peace Process."

GI's spokeswoman, Gilly Harpaz, was interviewed on Israel's Russian-speaking TV Channel 9.  Click here to access the interview.

Speakers address the group.

Participants ask questions of the speakers.

Russian speaking Israeli and Palestinian participants at the Ambassador hotel.

A handshake.

GI's Raia Hameir and Fatina Abboud