July 12, 2010: Palestinian Center for Public Opinion poll

More than half of Palestinians expect the realization of a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis next year.



Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO)
Palestinian Poll on Impressions of Peace Prospects
Dr. Nabil Kukali, Director-General of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, conductedthe pollduring the period of June 17 to July 2nd, 2010. The poll covered a random sample of 1002 respondents representing the various demographic specimens of adult Palestinians (18 years and above) living in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.
01) What are your anticipations of the success chances of the indirect Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? Will they succeed or fail in reaching an agreement of permanent peace?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1. They will succeed                                               38.1
2. They will fail                                                         52.5
3. No opinion / Don’t know                                    9.4
02) Do you expect the realization of a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis next year?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1.Yes                                                                          51.6
2. No                                                                          45.8
3. Don’t know                                                           2.5
03) Do you think the Israelis are concerned about making peace with the Palestinians?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1. Yes                                                                         43.2
2. No                                                                           53.3
3. Don’t know                                                            3.6
04) Assuming the negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis would fail, do you expect the outbreak of a third Intifada?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1. Yes                                                                         31.9
2. No                                                                           50.7
3. Don’t know                                                            17.3
05) Are you more optimistic or pessimistic than in the past regarding the possibility of reaching a final solution accord between Israel and the Palestinians?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1. More or same level of optimism
as in the past                                                            43.6
2. More or same level of pessimism
as in the past                                                            51.2
3. Don’t know / No attitude                                      5.2
06) Some people have confidence in Hamas political leadership, others in Fatah political leadership, whilst others have no confidence in both leaderships. Which of the following statements is closer to your opinion?
Response                                                                 Percentage
1. I have confidence in Hamas
leadership                                                                  33.7
2. I have confidence in Fatah
leadership                                                                  46.0
3. I have no confidence in
both leaderships                                                       16.5
4. I don’t know                                                             3.8
07) The internal fighting in Gaza led to the split of Gaza Strip from the West Bank and the creation of two separate governments, one in Gaza and the other in the West Bank. What is – in your opinion – the most feasible solution for the settlement of this problem?
Response                                                                  Percentage
1. To return to the government
of national unity                                                         35.4
2. To endorse the Egyptian
Reconciliation Document                                        36.1
3. To hold premature elections                              26.6
4. To call for UN forces to take
responsibility for Gaza Strip                                    1.9