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Just Resolution For Both

By Debra Hirshberg and Iris W. Bishop , The Cleveland Jewish News , 02.01.07

Congress should listen to former President Jimmy Carter and stop at nothing to pursue a just peace.

Diplomacy is the only way out of the current spiral of violence that continues to disrupt daily life for Israelis and Palestinians. Violence has not brought peace, and continued reliance on military solutions will not bring peace either.
Among the majority in the US who support a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis is a loud and growing chorus of Jews who expect the Democrats to take action for an end to the Israeli occupation and for a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians.

As Jews working for peace and reconciliation, we insist that we be heard as we demand a rational US policy. The Tikkun Community, to which we belong, has been supporting the Geneva Initiative (or Accords) since its release. We urge everybody to become familiar with the details of the initiative (geneva-accord.org) and demand that our government re-engage in a process to bring a lasting peace to the region based on the Geneva Initiative framework. The security of Israel requires a just resolution for both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

We urge the CJN to provide positive reviews of Jimmy Carter's new book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid (“Jimmy Carter's rant,” CJN, Dec. 22) as a way to stimulate dialogue about peace for Israel. It is something we all want. And as Carter points out, it is possible!
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