Lieberman: Leftist NGOs are aiding terror...

Lieberman: Leftist NGOs are aiding terror groups

By Rebecca Anna Stoil, Jerusalem Post

via Jerusalem Post (click for original)

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman lashed out harshly at left-wing organizations and their supporters Monday, in statements that his opponents said added to a mood of incitement prevalent in the country.

Lieberman condemned the NGOs targeted by a proposed parliamentary committee of inquiry as “aiding terror groups” and called right-wing politicians who opposed the establishment of the committee “traitors” to the national camp.

During a televised faction meeting on Monday afternoon at the Knesset, Lieberman said that “it is clear that these are simply terror-aiding organizations, whose entire goal is to weaken the IDF and its determination to protect Israel’s citizens.”

Lieberman presented a long list of allegations against a number of organizations, citing the New Profile organization, Adalah, and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel as submitting incomplete funding reports to government oversight agencies, and suggesting that they had intentionally concealed funding sources.

The foreign minister also slammed Human Rights Watch, which he accused of fundraising in Saudi Arabia by promising to attack Israel while not examining the state of human rights in Arab countries.

“In June 2006, six organizations – B’Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights, Yesh Din, Hamoked, the Public Committee Against Torture, Gisha and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel – wrote a letter to the Goldstone Commission, in which, among other things, it was written that the IDF’s bombardments were directed toward mosques, schools and private residences under the claim that there were weapons hidden, and that the IDF intentionally and consciously prevented aid [from reaching] Palestinians in the field,” Lieberman complained.

In addition, “92% of the quotes against Israel in the Goldstone Report came from Israeli organizations whose funding comes from the New Israel Fund. A day after Operation Cast Lead, [fund president] Naomi Chazan called to stop the attacks on Gaza,” he said.

“When you look at all these facts, you ask yourself why these organizations never, even once, protested [captive soldier] Gilad Schalit’s condition. It is clear that they have no connection to human rights. They have never once claimed that Israel was right. We have an argument with the Palestinians, and at least once, we must have been right, but they have never said that,” he declared.

Lieberman said that in his travels overseas, he had found that many of the arguments against Israel were made by Israeli sources.

“The problem is that they use former Israelis, Israeli organizations and the Israeli media,” he continued, citing the Hebrew daily Haaretz as a source of anti- Israel standpoints overseas.

Lieberman said that the proposal to establish a probe into these organizations’ funding had been intentionally misrepresented in the media.

“People have attempted in the most vitriolic way to present a false picture without facts. I do not mean that organizations for human rights and democracy, nor the organizations for freedom of expression, are in danger,” he claimed. “For example, the Geneva Accord and Peace Now represent political opinions that I find unacceptable, but they have a legitimate opinion that exists within the political discourse.”

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