Likud at Geneva

By Tal Schneider, the PLOG (Political Blog)

In mid-February the Geneva Initiative organized a seminar for thirty senior Likud activists. The seminar was  attened by the respected political commentator Tal Schneider who wrote about it in the PLOG, her political blog
Schneider wrote  about her experience chatting with the participants (translation by the Geneva Initiative):
"Yossi Beilin has really changed. He is not extreme left like he used to be." That is what a Likud member told me after listening to Beilin, who managed to keep the Likud members glued to their seats for an hour and a half. No one turned in their seats or left the room; they sat and listened very, very closely. Given that it seems to me that Beilin is saying the same things he has said for years, I received a brief glimpse into the psychology of a group of people who are changing their personal outlook. It is much easier for them to feel and to think that it is Beilin that has changed, than to admit to themselves that it is their own way of thinking has changed.