Likud MK Candidate agrees: We have a lot more work to do.

"The dialogue is important, the gaps are real, and the Geneva Initiative has a lot more work to do" summed up Likud Knesset candidate Nava Boker (no. 25) who took part in a Geneva Initiative seminar hosted in Ramat Gan from January 30th-31st. The seminar included 45 active party members from across the political spectrum including two other candidates on the Likud list, Oren Hazan and Ayala Stgman, and former Palestinian minister Hisham Abdel Razek.

"Dialogue with one another is the most important thing, especially when there is no agreement" stated Boker after the two-day Geneva Initiative seminar. MK candidate Boker said that she came to the meeting in order to hear the other side and make her point. But emphasized: "Participants felt that it was unlikely that there would be a peace agreement in the next two years, meaning that the Geneva Initiative has so much more work."

Former Palestinian Minister Hisham Abdel Razek, who came from Gaza especially to attend the meeting, addressed the seminar participants from the various parties (Likud, Labor, Hatnua, and Meretz) and said: "The way to achieve peace is through negotiations. That is the way to make peace between two enemies. The basis for this is the Arab Peace Initiative which is not far from the Geneva Initiative or the Clinton Parameters - the purpose is the same."


Likud MK Candidate Nava Boker during the meeting

The participants also met with Col. (res.) Ron Schatzberg and Gen. (res.) Gideon Sheffer who presented various proposals on the issue of security between the two states. Former Israeli ambassador to France Daniel Shek spoke on the importance of negotiations with regards to Israel's international standing. Prof. Tamar Hermann presented recent data on Israeli public opinion about peace as a political issue in relation to the upcoming elections and Prof. Yifat Biton spoke on the political process in Israeli society.

The seminar is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and knowledge of solutions to central issues in dispute.